nEw nicknamE

Last night I was reading a book where the protagonist got her name for her hair, Rusty. In that case people should call me dandruff.



Today I woke up with a dense ball of hair next to my bed. I have not any memory of this. However when I wake up and then fall asleep again I don't recall anything that happens when I'm awake. It's pretty awesome. I have a slight insight that I woke up in the middle of night pulling my hair. Who knows?


I'm thinking of becoming a copywriter

I love the word party hats;
which technically is two words because English people just looove spacing between words
My second favourite word is boobies.



"I need to comb my hair"

Is code for a not so good day and I need to be by myself that evening and cannot engage in social activities. Or I just don't want to. Or I really need to comb my hair.