how to get along at work

Today I followed my colleague into the toilet. I was running after him while talking and realised a bit too late that he was heading into the loo,  I think he is okay with our close working relationship.


h0w t0 datE sucessfUllY

Step 1: Drink a lot of wine and beer so you can't read texts properly
Step 2: Stand outside of the closed pub in the middle of the night and call him because you think that he's late but you can't just read through your beer glasses
Step 3: wake him up and realize that he wrote tomorrow at 11 not today.
Step 4: "reschedule" for tomorrow after work at 10:30 and don't apologize for misunderstanding the date and time - then walk home in the dark while venting to your BFF that he's a jerk and then realizing that it's not 11pm it's midnight and you probably woke him up in the middle of the night.
Step 5: wake up hungover and wonder what really happened yesterday.
Step 6: get a text from him asking if you're in for a beer tonight.
Step 7: get unpumped because he texts you a lot and with no useful information.
Step 8: sit in the bar for 20 minutes waiting for him reading a book and sweating.
Step 9: meet!
Step 10: realize that he genuinely believe girls are jerks for wanting to date on Tinder while he wants to meet people to hang out with because he's new in the city and you are not sure why you are there or at least that's what you think he said because it was a very loud bar.
Step 11: get the fuck outta there when you feel like it's not working
Step 12; uninstall Tinder.

* I had a really hard time illustrating this.


crocheting is the sexy version of knitting.

yep, I've started crocheting. it's great for my sex appeal.


productivity high

I've got a new bed tuesday and I haven't been out of it since.


Body image

I love the tiny fellas* on my toes and feet. 

*tiny fellas can be refered to as growth of hair. Especially on feet and toes


nEw nicknamE

Last night I was reading a book where the protagonist got her name for her hair, Rusty. In that case people should call me dandruff.



Today I woke up with a dense ball of hair next to my bed. I have not any memory of this. However when I wake up and then fall asleep again I don't recall anything that happens when I'm awake. It's pretty awesome. I have a slight insight that I woke up in the middle of night pulling my hair. Who knows?


I'm thinking of becoming a copywriter

I love the word party hats;
which technically is two words because English people just looove spacing between words
My second favourite word is boobies.



"I need to comb my hair"

Is code for a not so good day and I need to be by myself that evening and cannot engage in social activities. Or I just don't want to. Or I really need to comb my hair.


Yesterday I fell

As I was laying there on the ground, vulnerable and naked. Okay, perhaps not naked. As I was laying on the dirt thinking that this is rock bottom. I wasn't even drunk, just a few beers. It was pitch black and someone came walking. I found my glasses och tried to get up realizing my foot was turned into a position no man kind had seen. The person coming up was slowing down and did her best to avoid me. I limped home and cried my self to sleep.


I used to have a cookie with milk every night

I don't anymore. I'm a vegan these days and my life sucks.


I haven't been touched by a man in years

As I was drawing this I realised I got kissed last year. yay. that doesn't count.