I've eaten different kinds of potatoes all day long. Baked potatoes, bbq and garlic crisps, sea salt crisps, ice cream and mac n' cheese. I have a very balance diet.


Evil thoughts

I've been having hypothetical scenarios played in my head where I'm badass. Perhaps it's the passive aggressiveness in me that has come to a boil.
I see myself walking straight forward push children outta my way. Move your fat ass!

I'm guessing that when I actually walk it's more like oh, excause me, sorry, I'll get outta your way.


Drinking beer and watching Inside Out is not a good combination. I cried after 11 min. I'm very sensitive.


Prepared Girl

I came up with a superpower.
I'm Prepared Girl - the girl who always have prepared food around.

Pizza slice?
Egg sallad sandwich?
Rotisserie chicken?
I've got everything!
I've got an entire stock of Trader Joe's & Whole Foods' stuff.
I rescue the people who hate cooking (myself included).



I don't know about you people, but I love Mondays!
I really hate weekends.

There's an explaination.
I work on weekends and I'm usually free on Mondays.


Did I tell you about the guy?

So there's this cute guy. I was talking to my friend Wen about him.
"yes, step 1 - say Hi. step 2 - talk to him, step 3 - bone him."

I usually ignore him so I think these steps will help me to get to step 3.