Do I look that old to you?

Yesterday at the pharmacy the pharmacist asked if I wanted to try their new day cream and put loads of little test bags in my purchase bag (I have a cold). I didn't have time to react until when I got home and saw it was anti-aging cream. I'm not even thirty yet! I'm also Asian, my face hasn't developed since junior high and it's going to stay the same until I turn 80!


A new pet

I have a new pet.
It's a perversely large spider whom I've only seen twice in my apartment. He/She usually comes around when I'm on the toilet doing no. 2 so it's not like I have greeted him/her properly. I just sit and stare. And then he/she walks away.
I've named him/her Zack.


Dinner on Friday night

A bowl of cereal.
Living the dream.


I'm really awkward with cute guys

Yes, I've noticed that there are males on this planet. Attractive males. And it makes me so uncomfortable. So when a cute guy talks to me I usually do other, funnier stuff. Like staring at my pretty shoes. Then I walk away.