I quit my job

so I painted this pony for you



I started wearing skirts...

...because my pants ripped at work.
And now I have to wear pantyhose.
They are not comfortable.



I've eaten different kinds of potatoes all day long. Baked potatoes, bbq and garlic crisps, sea salt crisps, ice cream and mac n' cheese. I have a very balance diet.


Evil thoughts

I've been having hypothetical scenarios played in my head where I'm badass. Perhaps it's the passive aggressiveness in me that has come to a boil.
I see myself walking straight forward push children outta my way. Move your fat ass!

I'm guessing that when I actually walk it's more like oh, excause me, sorry, I'll get outta your way.


Drinking beer and watching Inside Out is not a good combination. I cried after 11 min. I'm very sensitive.


Prepared Girl

I came up with a superpower.
I'm Prepared Girl - the girl who always have prepared food around.

Pizza slice?
Egg sallad sandwich?
Rotisserie chicken?
I've got everything!
I've got an entire stock of Trader Joe's & Whole Foods' stuff.
I rescue the people who hate cooking (myself included).



I don't know about you people, but I love Mondays!
I really hate weekends.

There's an explaination.
I work on weekends and I'm usually free on Mondays.


Did I tell you about the guy?

So there's this cute guy. I was talking to my friend Wen about him.
"yes, step 1 - say Hi. step 2 - talk to him, step 3 - bone him."

I usually ignore him so I think these steps will help me to get to step 3.


Do I look that old to you?

Yesterday at the pharmacy the pharmacist asked if I wanted to try their new day cream and put loads of little test bags in my purchase bag (I have a cold). I didn't have time to react until when I got home and saw it was anti-aging cream. I'm not even thirty yet! I'm also Asian, my face hasn't developed since junior high and it's going to stay the same until I turn 80!


A new pet

I have a new pet.
It's a perversely large spider whom I've only seen twice in my apartment. He/She usually comes around when I'm on the toilet doing no. 2 so it's not like I have greeted him/her properly. I just sit and stare. And then he/she walks away.
I've named him/her Zack.


Dinner on Friday night

A bowl of cereal.
Living the dream.


I'm really awkward with cute guys

Yes, I've noticed that there are males on this planet. Attractive males. And it makes me so uncomfortable. So when a cute guy talks to me I usually do other, funnier stuff. Like staring at my pretty shoes. Then I walk away.


I've started doing crossfit

I have no idea what crossfit it but I reckon it is walking around, eating some good food, hanging out with friends. I'm doing hella crossfit.


I flip my hair back and forth

I have no patience to watch my hair grow out. I have to sit on my hands in order not to cut it again. Right now it's in the middle phase of annoy the hell outta me and making me want to get extensions or shaving it. My intention is to let it grow to a very lovely and elegant page hairstyle but at the moment I kinda consider a bob cut.

The worst thing is when I wake up and I look like I have some kind of flufft bagel in my head. It's a mess.