best company

I've been alone these last couple of days so I've started talking to myself.
I watch a lot of Korean reality survival shows. And yes, that is my hair these days. It's grown out to a Super Mario mushroom cap. Very sexy indeed.


Glass half full

Dear Diary!
Today I almost worked out.
I put on my work out clothes (a very sexy overall) and thought of working out.
It was very cold outside so I sat down on the couch and had a beer and some crisps.

I felt very productive.


Work stuff

Today at work my colleague asked me what I was doing and I told him that I had to write down some numbers. Yes, that's all I do at work - sit and just writing down random numbers for kicks. 


1st date rule edition

I just remembered that I loathe baking. It's only okay if I bake with my mum. But hey, then the male can meet my mum! Problem solved!

1st date rule

Texting with mum:

Now, the male visitor was my very dear friend. Who's gay, so don't get your hopes up.
But that got me thinking. Perhaps I always should bake a cake when I'm ready to date. That rhymed! First date, here you go - a cake! I made it for you! I think I will become so popular amongst the males.


Korean wave to the next level

There is now a brand belonging to Urban Outfitters called Kimchi Blue.


I've taken up knitting. I think it ought to be good for my sex appeal.


happy thoughts

TOday I watched the dawn of the planet of the apes. Made me wish for a better place in this world when everyone would get along and have picnics together.


memory lane

My mum told me today that I used to crawl to the toilet to play. I did everything sexily even as a child.

My idea of a perfect relationship

t0daY I haD botH beEr aNd wInE


Hello again

I've cut my hair, I moved to a new place, I still work at my same old job, I went on holiday, I changed my mind and I hope to start painting more.


No pants party

I just lost my last drop of dignity when I sent a recorded video for a job application. The things I do for public service.


how many times a day should you water the plants?

I think my mum has an evil plan.
She's been giving me plant on every celebrating occasion.
But I'm on to her.
I reckon she's doing this to make me grow up and join the adult world.
So I'd be more nurturing and more responisble for other livings.
I now have 3 plants and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with them.
I'm watering them 1 time a day while in my head I'm screaming in panic "I have no idea what I'm doing! For all that I know I could be killing you. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"


I really don't like washing my hair. I wish I wouldn't have to do it.
Is hygiene really that important?


24 hours of loneliness -- failure

I had a plan to just close me down to the public and just scatter around in my own world.
It worked until after lunch.
Then my colleagues scared me with a surprise celebration at work with singing, presents and an enormous brownie.
Not too shabby.

24 hours of loneliness -- planning

today I intend to document every awakening second.


I've been too busy to go on tumblr, youtube and watch tv series. I think I've joined real life.

I might have set off the fire alarm today.


Every single time

After going home from the bar after 6 hours of indulgence  I realised that I had toilet paper stuck in my arse with a long tail. Sexy.

Note to myself

Reaction ability after 7 beers.
Not very fast.


I give in

Hello beautiful french toast and pancakes!

Note to myself

Too much spinach causes diarrhea.

"No way I'm giving up my bacon!"

I've started a new diet.
Lchf or keto.
So far I had bacon.


"Before Internet turned hipster"

Quote of the day

"She talks funny"
- Patrik

When Pietra spoke to her mum in Portuguese on the phone.


I'm in perfect shape

I was doing the escalator at work yesterday, you know where you go down the escalator behind something like going down the stairs or taking the elevator.
But after making myself laugh doing it several times my thighs cramped so bad that I fell down walking to the staff room.


When in doubt...

or just extremely full...
or taking a bath...

listen to Enya