Are you trying to kill me?

You know when you're so motion sick that all willpower is focused on not to vom vom?
And when the train is tentionally going slower just to fuck with you?
And instead of walking out of the train you fall with your head first because you're not used to the ground to be still?
No, i didn't happen to me.

After an entire day of sitting on a train, in meetings and train again--I just want to sit on a donut so my ass can feel great again.


I've had falafel for two days straight.
Three times a day.
Soon I'll be scheissing chickpeas.


I hate this prolonged cold

I cough so forcefully that I vom vom a little.
I get so surprised everytime.



saturday #3

Now I've talked to my mum.
And the night goes on.
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saturday night #2

I called my mum.
No answer.
She hasn't called back.
It's been hours.
No one loves me.

saturday night #1

it's a saturday night and I'm at home, in bed, with tumblr, coughing mucus.
story of my life.
at least for the last month.
I hate being sick.


it scared me how much of this is like me.