Are you trying to kill me?

You know when you're so motion sick that all willpower is focused on not to vom vom?
And when the train is tentionally going slower just to fuck with you?
And instead of walking out of the train you fall with your head first because you're not used to the ground to be still?
No, i didn't happen to me.

After an entire day of sitting on a train, in meetings and train again--I just want to sit on a donut so my ass can feel great again.


I've had falafel for two days straight.
Three times a day.
Soon I'll be scheissing chickpeas.


I hate this prolonged cold

I cough so forcefully that I vom vom a little.
I get so surprised everytime.



saturday #3

Now I've talked to my mum.
And the night goes on.
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saturday night #2

I called my mum.
No answer.
She hasn't called back.
It's been hours.
No one loves me.

saturday night #1

it's a saturday night and I'm at home, in bed, with tumblr, coughing mucus.
story of my life.
at least for the last month.
I hate being sick.


it scared me how much of this is like me.


i'm making everyone uncomfortable including myself

People tell me I look asian when I squat. I don't know what they're talking about.


Don't you just love mayo?

Just got my pay check. Guess what I bought.



I like my friend Alex. I think the peak of our friendship was one day at work; I saw the daily schedule and got mad just by looking at the names. But then I saw her name. I ran down the foyer to find her. The rest of the day I spent clinging on to her like a saesang fan follows EXO.

I've started to depend on her like a blogger depends on their selfies. She's pretty awesome.


The girl next to me on the train smells like alcohol. She also snores. The dude across from me hums and doesn't wear colourful socks.

I move around so much in my sleep that I need suspenders for my cover.


I don't know whether to laugh, cringe or vom vom

when I see kpop idols doing cheesy stuff  in all seriousness.

it's a mix of secondhand embarrassment and arousal.


Random Link

I drew this for you

pHilosoPhy of life

DoIng an nEw arT project and then personal hygiene comes second.


and Good Morning to you

Today I woke up and saw that a colleague of mine had accepted my friend request.

So one outta two things must have happened.

  1. I got so shitfaced yesterday and feel asleep on my phone and accidentally added him.
  2. I accidentally sat down on my computer and added him.


It happens to me too

Le Bébé: "Thought someone was having loud sex next to my room and then realised it was my nose making noises while inhaling. I need to sleep."

never trust friends

till now I thought that Elton John sang about Tony Danza.


hot hot hot

I really hate when the food is so hot that I have to spit it out. Luckily it has cooled down next time I try.

Saturday evening: philosophical dilemma

I've decided to go against Dorothy Parker's observation and I will start wearing glasses full time. The reason is as simple as pancakes, I can't afford contacts. So now I have to decide which pair I will be stuck with half of the time (I've already chosen another pair and they're fabulous. I rarely say fabulous, but these pair shan't be described as anything else but fabulous).

The two pair I'm chosing from are fairly similar, I dare to say almost identical. The only difference is the vibe that I'm pulling off. It's either a more dorky Asian vibe or a 50's secretary vibe.
I think I will go the the nerdy fob.


ENtRy Post

My mum thinks that it's time for me to gRoW up. I cannot wear my "man-shoes" anym0re, instead I should dress like the 27 year old woman I am. I should explain.
My style is like a 18 year old boy. WHen I shop clothes I purchase from the men's department at H&M or our version of Walmart. In my head I dress like the cool, calm, collected tomboy I am, but in reality I might look like a butch lumberjack with a childish sense of humor. ain't that pretty?

THis made me also think about last weekend's event, how I got attention from a mAn. Not a fictional kpop idol, but a real mortal man. THis just blew my mind that I could attract someone that is not a man-boy, which I would call my latest romantic failures. Instead I felt like a semi-woman which is progress from feeling like an asexual older sister or buddy. This nails the problem that I've been having lately. I think I could use a man. SInce I haven't been in a relationship for so long, I'm a bit rusty. I don't know where to go fishing, how or even what to wear. I'm also not sure I'm ready. However, I'm used to throwing myself into things even though I'm scared shitless yet still doing it with half of the dignity I imagine.

In order to make this fishing trip sucessful, I ought to go back to my mum's advice. STOP DRESSING LIKE A BOY AND START WEARING CLOTHES THAT WILL MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU'RE A WOMAN. She didn't really say it like that but it was indicated. So for funzies I will sometimes dress a bit more feminine and be less "dude, are you serious?"/"bro, that is lame as shit" in order to make an effort. SInce I haven't done anything to try to get a man, I figured he's not going to jump into my arms like a fair knight and I will take him to my castle riding a horse towards the sunset, just like that.
Not too sure how the knight turned into a steel version of TMNT, but I guess my subconsciousness aimed for getting my childhood crush Donatello.

Dressing is the first part and the second part is acting a bit more feminine. I'm not saying that I will change everything about me that makes me, I'm just trying to be a bit more sophisticated and make an effort. Something that will be a bit troublesome is that the fact that I can't flirt, I wasn't born with that gene. Top that with my extended awkwardness and ability to make everything feel as uncomfortable as panties stuck in your ass. I also get super shy whenever someone attrative enters. I tend to look at my feet as if they were the beautiful man. Yes, I have some minor disadvantages to overcome, indeed, but I think I'll manage.

I also think of the clever and brilliant Dorothy Parker--Men seldom make passes. At girls who wear glasses.

However, I will not make this my downfall, I will go fishing and that is the end of it! But first, I will just crawl into bed and hide under my covers.